January 6th, 2014

HD Radio™ Momentum Accelerates

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A lot of HD™ Radio Listening

With an annual growth rate of over 150% in 2013, digital radio listening to stations brodcasting using HD Radio Technology in cars has exceeded 3 billion hours.  This a result of the explosive growth of the installed base of HD Radio receivers in cars, both factory installed and aftermarket.

As the installed base of HD Radio receivers rapidly increases, so is listening to HD2/HD3 programming. According to the latest Spring 2013 Nielsen Audio Nationwide audience estimates, over 4 million people listen to an HD2/HD3 channel in an average week.

This past year also saw the largest SKU count increase in aftermarket HD Radio auto products ever - nearly double that of 2012. CE unit shipments through 2013, now total over 2.3 million.

Broadcasters and receiver manufacturers are taking full advantage of digital services enabled through HD Radio Technology.  A prime example of that is the rollout of Artist Experience, a service that enables stations to provide synchronized images such as album cover art with their audio programming.

(2014 GMC Radio with Artist Experience)

With over 15 years of commercialization experience in the U.S. to draw upon, Mexico and Canada are positioned to benefit from the robust collection of know-how represented by the thousands of U.S. broadcasters and the millions of receivers that have been manufactured.

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