April 7th, 2014

Driving the Digital Radio Revolution

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40% of New Car Buyers Now Enjoying HD Radio™ Experience

Every auto manufacturer now offers HD Radio Technology, with more than 170 car models offering the technology standard or as an option.

A new vehicle with HD Radio Technology is being sold every 4 seconds in the U.S.

As consumers purchase new vehicles equipped with HD Radio Technology, they tune to their favorite radio stations and discover the power and benefits of digital broadcasting; a cleaner, richer and visual multimedia experience on their digital dashboards.

Some examples include: 

 Available on the 2014 Honda Civic. Supported HD Radio features: Traffic, Artist Experience®Program Info, HD2/HD3, and iTunes® Tagging.


Available on several 2014 Toyota vehicles. HD Radio features supported: Traffic, Weather, Artist Experience®Program Info, HD2/HD3, and iTunes® Tagging

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