September 15th, 2013

Welcome to the new!

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Welcome to the redesigned!  We’re excited that you’ve visited our new site and have landed on our Blog.

The new will be your source for everything HD Radio Technology.  You’ll find your local HD Radio station guide, the latest product announcements, product guides, updates on the technology, highlights from stations around the country, special promotions, and much more.  We hope you find this site to be a useful resource for any questions you may have regarding products or our technology, and we encourage you to join in our conversations.

Broadcasters, there’s even a special section for you.  If you visit the ‘Broadcasters’ section of, you’ll find an array of information that will help maximize the use of HD Radio Technology.  This section was put together to assist with implementation, programming, and execution of HD Radio broadcasts.  We’ll highlight success stories from around the country, unique programs that are available, creative ideas to help communicate iwth your listeners through HD Radio technology, technical guidance, and a lot more.

We hope that you will join in our conversations through our Blog and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.  This will be a 24/7 conversation, and we look forward to the future!!


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@theszak: Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. There were production issues with the last model, but a new tabletop receiver with Artist Experience® should be available soon. I would check back on as we'll make sure to announce when they're available.

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What tabletop AM-FM HD radios are there that have Artist Experience with PSD Program Service Data?

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Bring back the feature that lets us see all the HD stations available nationally, not just what you think is our local market. Where I live I can pick up stations from multiple markets, the new site is useless for that.

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Have used a Polk iSonic HD radio for several years; expensive table top unit (similar in size to Bose Wave Radio) and it's great when it works (replaced twice) but very difficult to get / hold HD signal. My question is: why is it impossible to find a good, table top HD radio unit ? There's almost nothing out there except in-dash car units and receivers costing $1000 and up. Any recommendation ? Thank you.

Joseph's picture

Am I missing something or are there no portable HD radios with AM?