iTunes Tagging Support



iTunes® Tagging allows a listener to select a particular song on a HD Radio broadcast. A token is stored in the HD Radio receiver and the listener may use the token (in conjunction with an iPod and computer) in order to purchase the song through the iTunes Store.

Much of the information required for iTunes Tagging is already sent in the Program Info and the SIS data. In addition, the product codes are also sent in the UFID fields contained within the ID3 tags of the Program Info.

Song Title and Artist information must be populated in the correct fields by the Studio Automation system. Populating the fields correctly ensures a good user experience when they purchase the songs through the iTunes Store.

  • Program Infomessages must arrive at the broadcast equipment within 0.5 seconds of each new segment or song.
  • Only one Program Info message is received per audio segment or song.

Better dynamic Program Info and UFID matches enable more consistent song tagging. The following metadata in Program Info is required to ensure a quality consumer experience for iTunes Tagging:

  • Song Title
  • Artist
  • UFID Owner Identifier (typically the station URL)
  • UFID Identifier

Additionally, the following parameters from SIS are also collected to ensure that the token (i.e., ‘Purchase Token’) is transferred correctly to the HD Radio receiver:

  • Station Name –consists of the call sign
  • Time Lock Status – always sent by default
  • Station ID – consists of the country code and FCC Facility ID


Commercially available HD Radio receivers with the iTunes Tagging functionality can be used to test and monitor this feature.

  • The complete SIS information needs to be sent.
  • The Program Info fields with Song Title and Artist need to be sent as well as Album and Genre.
  • Studio Automation systems must incorporate HD Radio HDP Program Info SDK Version 2.0 or later.
  • Exciters/Exporters must use Version 2.3.3 or later.
  • Importers must use Version 2.1.5-p1 with SPS Capture Client Version 3-p0 or later

There are various studio automation/Program Info providers who support the implementation of UFID-compatible iTunes Tagging with dynamic Program Info such as RCS, TRE (AudioVAULT), and Jump2Go.