Clarion CZ-401HD

Built-in HD Radio tuner with iTunes® Tagging to buy tunes heard on the radio. Direct iPod® and iPhone® connectivity with iTunes Tagging function.
Supported Features: 
Multicast, iTunes Tagging, Program Info, Digital Sound
iPod Port, USB Port, 3.5mm Aux Input
  • HD Radio receiver built-in
  • Front USB Port with iPod Direct Connect Capabilities
  • Sirius Direct Connect Ready
  • 50 Watts x 4 Built-in Amplifier
  • 6-Channel/ 4 Volt RCA Output
  • Subwoofer Volume Control
  • Built-in High and Low-Pass Filters
  • Magna Bass EX Dynamic Bass Enhancement
  • Parametric Equalizer
  • Beat EQ for Sound Adjustment
  • OEM Steering Wheel Remote Ready
  • Wireless Remote Control Included

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