All-Digital AM

HD Radio™, the leading digital broadcast solution for AM and FM radio stations is happy to share the successful test of an all-digital transition by WWFD AM820 serving the Baltimore and Washington D.C. metros. As a result, we fully support the FCC petition to adopt rules permitting AM licensees for voluntary operation in All-Digital MA3 mode.

All-Digital AM Test Station

Why All-Digital?

  • Stereo audio
  • Program associated scrolling text (Program Service Data, or PSD)
  • Artist / Advertiser Experience image capability
  • Emergency Alerts

Why HD Radio?

  • All existing digital auto receivers are forward compatible and ready to receive all-digital (MA3) AM broadcasts
  • More than 65 million auto receivers in North America currently with this capability
  • Continued support for all-digital AM effort moving forward
AM only stations
Stations broadcast in Analog-Only
Stations broadcast in All-Digital AM

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