HD Radio is coming to India

The HD Radio™ digital broadcast solution is a successful digital radio technology for AM and FM radio stations. Today, HD Radio technology has been implemented in over 4,700 digital channels around the world, reaching over 400 million listeners.

HD Radio utilizes existing broadcast infrastructure to add a digital transmission that delivers a more compelling and engaging over-the-air experience for listeners.

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HD Radio Field Test Report – Implementation in Delhi, India:
Xperi has partnered with leading industry experts in India to demonstrate the HD Radio digital FM system in India.

An HD Radio™ transmission system was configured on 100.5MHz at Akashvani Bhawan transmission tower in New Delhi. The digital FM broadcast was operating in a simulcast mode (hybrid operation of analog and digital) between January 13, 2020 and February 2021 (with interruptions due to COVID-19 lockdowns). All India Radio conducted additional combiner tests in Jaipur.

The HD Radio team has worked with ComCon and Nautel to provide test support to All India Radio research teams during this evaluation phase. The team has completed a significant number of tests to evaluate the digital radio coverage, digital audio quality, and interference levels to analog at 100.1MHz and 100.5MHz.

The HD Radio broadcast is transmitting 1.1kW power with 1000 watts devoted to analog transmission and 100 Watts devoted to digital transmission for MP1 service mode, and 120 Watts for MP3 service mode.

With 100 Watts (MP1 mode) or 120 Watts (MP3 mode) of digital power, the transmission covers the metro Delhi area with a reception range of 18 – 20 km.

Commercial receiver products were used in the field test. These products demonstrated the capability of consumer-grade receivers for the general public.

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HD RADIO Features:
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