Xperi at the National Assembly of Chilean Broadcasters

Image for Xperi at the National Assembly of Chilean Broadcasters

The annual meeting of the Chilean broadcasters was held in La Serena, Chile. Xperi’s representatives attended the event to talk about the extraordinary All-in-Media (AIM) app solutions.

The Association of Chilean Radio Broadcasters (Asociación de Radiodifusores de Chile, ARCHI) held its annual Assembly in the city of La Serena, November 16th to 18th 2022. Chilean private radio stations representatives (directors, owners, and general managers) attended this live event.

The attendees discussed the challenges that they are facing as an industry and how digital technologies are helping broadcasters worldwide make content available to listeners. At the end of the event, ARCHI highlighted the industry body’s “commitment to continue developing on all the platforms and new technologies available to consolidate an existing presence because today the radio is not only heard but also seen and read.”

During the event, Xperi exhibited it’s technology in a booth and held a talk session titled “Radio apps for broadcasters.” Fabian Zamarron, Xperi’s Sr Manager of Business Development for Mexico & Latin America, discussed how radio Apps can help broadcasters make content available to listeners wherever and whenever they want. He also detailed how Xperi’s mobile solutions can be integrated into different digital platforms such as Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, or smart speakers. This solution perfectly fulfills ARCHI´s commitment of consolidating radio’s presence on different platforms.

Fabian also shared with the audience the successful case of the Chilean broadcaster Radio Cooperativa, whose app, developed by Xperi, offers its users different kinds of content beyond streaming audio such as podcasts, audio, video, images, articles, news, and many more features. He also talked about RadioApp Australia, an aggregator app developed by Xperi that helped the Commercial Radio Australia Association have an official app for the Australian radio industry.

Fabian also reiterated Xperi’s commitment to the success of broadcast radio now and in the future, the good relationship that exists between ARCHI and Xperi, and all the plans to work together shortly.