Xperi Steals the Show at the Broadcast Engineering Society Expo in India

Image for Xperi Steals the Show at the Broadcast Engineering Society Expo in India

By Ashruf El-Dinary

Xperi’s HD Radio and DTS recently sponsored the Broadcast Engineering Society (BES) Expo in India. The event featured all of Xperi’s broadcast solutions including HD Radio, DTS AutoStage, AIM Radio Apps and AIM RAPID, highlighting our objective of a delivering a broader ecosystem for the automotive industry that focuses on the future of radio.

The status of digital radio in India

Xperi has been working towards expanding HD Radio into India for a few years now. There is substantial interest and support for digital radio broadcasting in the country and government regulatory groups have been addressing this question since 2018. Since most radio listeners listen to FM and the space is supported by both government and private broadcasters, HD Radio provides the perfect solution for the local market.

Going big at the expo

As a sponsor of the BES Expo, Xperi brought a Las Vegas-style booth to the event. Having a local car brand on the floor with a “built-in” HD Radio receiver for attendees to demo and experience HD Radio’s power firsthand.

The customer engagement was equivalent to what we would see at massive events like the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. We interacted with key decision makers at main broadcasters and key government officials.

While the HD Radio demos were the key draw to the booth, there was a lot of interest in DTS AutoStage and AIM as well. Local car companies asked about DTS AutoStage for India and broadcasters were interested in follow-up information on AIM apps and tools. We also presented a paper at the technical conference, and it was well received.

For more information on DTS Connected Car technologies and HD Radio, see https://dts.com/hd-radio/.