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Station Logos are images that are not synchronized with the audio. These may be specific to each individual multicast program. The station logo image is not expected to change very often. Station logo images are also stored automatically in non-volatile memory on the receiver for quick display and a better user experience. The station logo service may be broadcast as a separate service to the Artist Experience image service (or Cover Art service).

HD-1, HD-2, and HD-3 can all have separate station logo images. This enhances the ability of each program to have its own unique personality.

  • Station Logos nominally have a resolution of 200 pixels by 200 pixels and a maximum file size of 24 kilobytes
  • Station Logos are displayed when the Cover Art is unavailable
  • Station Logos shall be designed for display on a black or dark grey background

Since the station logos are not synchronized with the audio, they also do not have an associated synchronization trigger with the audio. The station logo service has a lower priority than the Artist Experience service (or Cover art service).

It is critical that the station call sign be transmitted correctly. Station Logos follow a file-naming convention that includes the station call sign. This way the receiver can quickly read the call sign and determine if the Station Logo is already archived for immediate display. The filename for a Station Logo includes the station call sign, the program number, and the version number.

The call sign is included to aid the receiver in cataloging stored files per station. Thus, when a station is first received, the receiver can immediately read the call sign in SIS and check to see if a station logo image is archived and available for display. This mechanism will also prevent the display of an incorrect Station Logo as a receiver travels out of the coverage area of one station and receives another station on the same frequency.

The version information can help the receiver ensure that its station logo archive has the latest images.


Commercial HD Radio receivers are available that can be used as a monitoring tool for the Station Logo service.

  • Station Logo images may either be rendered in the JPEG format or PNG format. Station Logo images may also utilize the transparency feature of the PNG format so that the image will assume any shape desired rather than appearing as a square or rectangular image.
  • Station Logos use file-naming conventions with version numbers (this is accomplished in the image client). This is useful for storing and cataloging station logo images in the receiver.
  • Importers must use Version 4.3.1-p1 or later.
  • Exciters/Exporters must use Version 4.3.2 or later.
  • Image Support Client/Automation software must be based on LOT SDK Version 4.3.3 or later.
  • The nominal bandwidth required for a Station Logo service would be around 200 bps per program. Contact iBiquity for further details on the analysis for bandwidth requirements.
  • Station Logos are typically repeated every 15 minutes.

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